Officer Involved Shooting – 9700 Forest Lane

UPDATE: On October 22, 2014 at about 5:42 am, Dallas Patrol officers responded to a suspicious person call at 9770 Forest Lane, American Dollar Store. The first arriving officer found the rear door ajar and observed two B/M suspects inside the business. When the suspects observed the officer, they ran to the store’s front door. The officer ran around the store to prevent their escape and radioed he had suspects in the building.

The suspects attempted to exit the front door, but were unable to unlock the door. They retreated towards the rear exit as the officer returned to the rear door. One of the suspects managed to exit the business and jump over a fence to evade arrest. The second suspect, Gregory McGee, remained in the business concealing himself within a darkened office area. Standing outside the rear door, Officer Michael Johnson, #8892, issued verbal commands for McGee to show his hands. McGee failed to comply. Officer Johnson discharged his weapon at McGee missing him. McGee was then taken into custody without further incident and he was not injured.

Responding officers searched the area with negative results for the second suspect. McGee was interviewed and admitted to the business burglary. No Dash-Cam video captured the incident and the officer was not wearing a body camera. Officer Johnson is an 8 year veternan and is on Administrative Leave per Departmental policy. McGee was arrested for the Burglary offense – Case #254101-2014.

FullSizeRenderOn October 22, 2014, at approximately 5:42am, officers responded to a suspicious activity behind a business. Once one of the officers arrived, he searched the surrounding area. The officer observed the back door of the business had been pried opened. He then observed two suspects trying to exit the location. The suspects ran back inside the location. They tried to exit through the front door, which was locked. The suspects then ran to the back exit. One of the suspect was able to get away. The other suspect placed himself in a dark area behind a counter, where the officer could not see the suspect’s hands. The officer gave several loud verbal commands for the suspect to show his hands, suspect was non-compliant. The officer discharged his weapon; however, the suspect was not injured. The suspect’s actions are under investigation. No weapon has been found at this time. That suspect is currently in custody. The other suspect remains at large. He is described as a Black male. Investigating efforts are ongoing to find him.  No officer were injured during this incident. The incident will be documented on case #254101-2014.