SCAM Alert! Don’t Let This Happen To You! is a legitimate business in which individuals send their resume to this company hoping to seek employment to provide care services, (children, senior, pet, and home). Unknown suspects from a Florida area code are calling individuals from the list and hiring them.

The scam goes like this:

The suspect calls and says their name is Kimberly from and they have a check in the amount of (varies from $800-$3,000). The fake suspect tells unknowing victims that they are going to send them the check and they want them to put the check in their bank account and cash it. The innocent victim is told they can keep $200 for whatever and then told to place the remaining amount into MoneyPak cards in which they are asked to release the pin number OR they are asked to wire the money via MoneyGram to a dummy account in Florida.

When the innocent victim places the check in their account, the check turns out to be fake, thus making the innocent victim who deposited the check into their account responsible. If you have any questions regarding a check you have received from or feel you have been a victim of this scam, please call the Financial Investigations Unit at 214-671-3517.