Exceptional Police Work by Southwest Patrol Officers


On October 27, 2014 at approximately 9:50 AM., Southwest Patrol Officers Senior Corporal H. Ebsen, #3717, J. Garcia, #8743 and N. Hunt, #7048 were dispatched on a Suspicious Person call to 6000 Challendon Lane, regarding three males walking in the alley.  Senior Corporal Ebsen located the suspects as described by the caller in the alley and detained them. The males appeared to have several large items stuffed into their pants and pockets.  To ensure that the suspects were not concealing weapons, the items were removed, and the officers found television remote controls, game boy games and system components, electrical power cords and other items. When asked what was going on, the males did not respond. 

Additional officers arrived, and believing a burglary may of occurred, started walking the alley from the direction the males were seen coming from. The officers found that a rear gate of a residence had been torn from its hinges. Checking the residence, the officers found three flat screen televisions, a shotgun and other items lying in the backyard. The residence rear door was open from apparent physical force.  The officers were able to contact the homeowner. The complainant advised that she had left her home earlier, did not know the males, nor had she given them permission to enter her residence or remove property.  Released back to the complainant was $3,230 worth of stolen property. 

The suspects were taken to the Southwest Investigative Unit where one suspect gave a formal confession to Detective C. Ridley, #5321.  One arrestee was filed on as an Impact Offender due to his 6 prior felony convictions, 5 of which were Burglary of Habitation, and had an active parole violation warrant. A second arrestee had one prior Burglary of Habitation conviction. This is an example of exceptional police work and we are extremely proud of their diligence. The case they provided made for a very strong prosecution case and removed two career criminals from the street as well as a rookie burglar. 

This incident was documented under case number 258523-2014.