Collaboration Between Citizens, Security, and Police Lead to A Great Arrest



On November 15, 2014, at about 11:35 P.M., Dallas Police Officers Watson, #9651, Rojas, #9652,  McGruder, #10460,  Paxton, #10483, and Bailey, #10546, responded to a Robbery in Progress call at 5521 S. Hampton Road.  The victim left the post office and was walking to her car when two unknown males approached her.  One of the males pointed a silver handgun at her and demanded her purse and car keys.  At this point, she was able to run away and get help. The police were called using a good Samaritan’s cell phone. A short time later, a security guard working at the Cielo Ranch Apartments on Gannon Lane noticed a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot. A male suspect was driving the vehicle. The security guard made contact with the male and observed a gun in the vehicle. The male ran away from the security guard, leaving the handgun inside the vehicle. The security guard called the police and gave a description of the male. As the male fled, he removed his outer clothing and left them behindA covert officer observed the same suspect walking through the Harbors Apartments and noticed that the suspect was not dressed appropriately for the cold weather.  The officer confronted the suspect at which time he began to flee on foot.  After a foot pursuit, the responding officers were able to apprehend the suspect at the Park Village Apartments.  It was later determined that the vehicle that the suspect was driving belong to the victim of the robbery and the handgun left inside the vehicle was the weapon used in the robbery.  The victim’s property was recovered and the suspect was placed in jail.  Great Job!!!!