Twitter War for America’s Team

twitterwarTwo teams…two cities: Dallas and Philadelphia. Both cities are set to enjoy a decade old football rivalry on Thanksgiving afternoon. Even more so for the Police Athletic/Activities League (PAL) chapters of Dallas and Philadelphia – it is more than just bragging rights for these organizations.

Each chapter has decided to put the rivalry where it matters the most (or close to it). Both the Dallas PAL and their counterpart, Philadelphia PAL, have taken their love for their respective teams to the world of social media, i.e. Twitter. Who can out-tweet the other? Who wants their team to win the most? Cowboys…? Eagles…?

The Twitter “War” between both organizations officially commenced on November 12, 2014 and is comprised of pictures from various PAL activities holding signs or chanting in support of their teams, each post is given the hashtag #PALTurkey Bowl. From Dallas PAL youth participants to DPD officers and Command Staff…everyone wants to participate in showing their support for the Cowboys and beating the Eagles.

But no “friendly” war is good without raising the stakes. To make things a little more interesting, both PAL chapters agreed to the following: the winning team will have all the fun of gloating on Thanksgiving and for days to come; not to mention taking the lead in the NFC East Division. The losing team must go to their corner to lick their wounds but also send PAL gear, some tasty treats from their home town (either TastyKake of Philly or Pecan Lodge BBQ of Dallas) as well as wear the winning teams’ shirt the following week.

So let’s make this very clear: as friendly as this competition is, it is serious business between Dallas PAL and Philly PAL. We can’t score the winning touchdown or block a kick but we can win on Twitter! Let’s GO COWBOYS! America’s Team! How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!

Keep up with Dallas PAL on Facebook and Twitter @dallaspal with hashtag #PALTurkeyBowl.