Thief Looking for a Seat at Dallas Lovefield, Just Not on a Flight

Auto Thief

People are always looking for seats at Dallas Lovefield, but usually the seats are on flights. On December 2, 2014, the arrested person, Donnell Lecorion Tubbs, B/m/8-8-89 was looking for a couple of seats; they just were not on a flight.

Officers Samuel Kading and Jason Gribbon are assigned to Dallas Lovefield and were dispatched to a call about 3:45pm regarding a possible auto burglary thief leaving the Lovefield parking garage located at 8008 Kelleher Way.

As the officers arrived, a witness flagged them down. The witness informed officers that they had observed arrestee Tubbs driving around the parking lot looking into vehicles. The witness said they saw the arrestee use an unknown pry tool to open the rear window of a vehicle and remove the 3rd row seat.

Officers were able to locate the arrestee prior to him leaving the airport. When officers were talking to the arrestee, they observed two sets of third row seats in his possession from two different vehicles in the back seat of his vehicle. When asked, the arrestee stated that he purchased the seats from someone.

Officers detained the arrestee and transported him to the Northwest Investigative Unit. Detective Hensley interviewed the arrestee and he denied stealing the seats even after being informed that a witness personally observed him stealing them.

Arrestee Tubbs was placed Tubbs under arrest and transported him to Lew Sterrett jail. The Burglary of a Motor Vehicle (BMV) offense is documented on case #287455-2014. One of the victims of the BMV’s was located and their property was returned to them. The owner of the second set of seats was not located and their property was placed at the Dallas Police Department’s Auto Pound and documented on case #287580-2014. Two additional BMV’s have been reported. They are documented on case #’s 284128-2014 and 284159-2014.

Thanks to the help of the witness and the quick response of the officers, another BMV thief has been taken off the street.  Remember, “If You See Something, Say Something!”