Stealing Spree by a Scrooge

Precilla Castaneda and Jessie Dominguez

Precilla Castaneda and Jessie Dominguez

UPDATE: On December 19, 2014, Detective Evans received numerous phone tips stating that the suspect that was shown in the video was in Priscilla Castaneda L/F/12-19-87.  Detective Evans and Detective Waller went to a Pawn Shop located on W. Jefferson after seeing a recent pawn transaction, dated December 16, 2014, that was completed by suspect Castaneda with an un-related item.  An employee at the location was shown a still picture of the suspect from the video.  The employee recognized the suspect to be the same one that was in her store on December 17, 2014 and stated that she was accompanied by an unknown male.  The witness further stated that the suspect was wearing the exact clothing that she had on during the video of the offense.  The property that the suspect was attempting to pawn was a brand new smoker, which was still in a box. The pawn shop did not accept this item because it was unopened.

 Later, on the same day, Detective’s Waller and Evans went to the suspect Castaneda’s home address and she was placed under arrest for outstanding warrants out of Fort Worth.  The suspect was transported to Northwest Investigative Unit and was interviewed by both detectives.  Suspect admitted that she was the suspect seen on camera taking the property off the theft victim’s porch without permission.  The suspect was unwilling to tell officers where the property had been taken and the property has not been recovered.

 Also on the same day, officers from Northwest Patrol Division were able to locate the suspect vehicle on Bahama Street.  The suspect vehicle became occupied by Suspect Jessie Dominguez L/M/5-30-88 who was then stopped for a traffic violation. When officers approached the vehicle, Suspect Dominguez was seen holding a marijuana cigarette in his hand in plain view.  The suspect was placed under arrest and transported to the Northwest Investigative Unit.  Several items of property were found in the rear of this vehicle and detectives are attempting to match the property to property from unsolved offenses.  The suspect admitted to being the driver on the offense of the video that was released as well as other theft of package offenses in Dallas and Highland Park.  The Northwest Investigative Detectives have notified Highland Park Police regarding the suspect’s admission of thefts from their city.

Both suspects were transported to Lew Sterrett. Great work was done by all officers involved! Thank you to all the tipsters! Once again, Scrooge did not ruin Christmas! Happy Holidays!

There have been thefts of packages from several porches on December 17, 2014 in the area of the Northwest Patrol Division. The suspect is a latin female in her 20’s. She exits a green 2-door 90’s Ford Explorer with gray fenders, walks up to the front door, takes the packages, returns to the passenger side of the suspect vehicle, and flees the scene. We do not have a description of the driver nor a vehicle license plate number. 

The Dallas Police Departments needs help in identifying the female suspect and the suspect vehicle. If you recognize either the female suspect or the vehicle, please contact Detective Chris Evans of the Northwest Investigative Unit at 214-670-6179. 

Many people order packages and gifts especially during the holidays. To help minimize your victimization, we suggest the following:

  • Request from the seller or shipper that a signature is required for delivery so that your package is not left at your front door unattended.
  • Request that the seller or shipper ship your package to an alternate address such as your office.
  • Request that the shipper hold your package at their distribution center for your pick-up.