2014 Explorer Awards Ceremony


The 2014 Explorer Awards Ceremony was held on January 20, 2015. Each division is able to nominates an Explorer from their post, an Advisor from their post, and also a Rookie from their post. The winners are then announced at the Explorer Awards Ceremony. Guest speaker at this year’s ceremony was First Assistant Chief Charles Cato.

The nominees for Explorer and Advisor of the year were as follows:

Explorer of the Year

Adryelle Fites                Central Division
Camilo Gutierrez            Northeast Division
Robert Alarcon              Southeast Division
Gabriel Orosco              Southwest Division
Caleb Wilson                 Northwest Division
Christian Rodriguez        North Central Division
Yannet Salazar              South Central Division

Advisor of the Year

Andre Cloyd                   Central Division
Lorenzo Carranza            Northeast Division
Angelica Martinez           Southeast Division
Titania Richard               Southwest Division
Alex Garcia                    Northwest Division
Erica King                      North Central Division
Paul Logan                    South Central Division

The winner’s of the 2014 Explorer Awards are:

Rookie of they Year: Mark Hernandez
Explorer of the Year: Robert Alarcon
Advisor of the Year: Lorenzo Carranza
Post of the Year: Southeast Division


Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to all the sponsors who have helped make the Dallas Police Department Explorer Program a success!

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