ATM Thief Arrested

The Serial Crimes Squad of the Major Crimes Unit arrested Terrail, Moore Black male 12-11-1995 for Felony 2 Theft of an ATM on January 28, 2015. The offense occurred at 300 s. St. Augustine road on January 23 2015. Uniformed southeast patrol officers quickly responded to the offense and spotted the stolen vehicle traveling away within ½ mile from the scene of the crime.

The thieves abandoned the vehicle, which contained a stolen ATM inside, and fled on foot.  Detectives processed the scene and discovered a cell phone had been left on the ground just outside the abandoned vehicle. Detectives determined the cell phone belonged to Moore and were eventually able to confirm his involvement in the crime.

A combination of quick response and awareness by patrol officers, good witness and tipster information, and good detective work led to Moore’s arrest. Detectives continue to investigate this and other previous ATM offenses and will attempt to determine how many other offenses Moore and his group may be responsible for. No ATM offenses involving vehicles crashing into businesses have occurred since Moore’s arrest. ATM Investigation’s continue.