The Bascom Group Donates Money to Help Save Lives


(Left to Right) Captain Bragg, Assistant Chief Genovesi, Senior Corporal Waterhouse, First Assistant Chief Cato, Andrew Burshe, Jason Hanna, Tony Ferrell

In 2014, The Bascom Group teamed up with the International Police Association Texas Region 30 to provide over $100,000 worth of training for 350 Dallas Police Department officers at the Bill Priest Institute. Through their support and generous efforts, our officers were granted the opportunity to receive the finest training from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, a renowned trainer and speaker for law enforcement agencies world-wide.

Now, in 2015, The Bascom Group has come to the aid of Dallas officers again by donating $12,000 worth of tourniquet carriers for officers’ equipment belts. This amounted to over 330 carriers purchased.  Officers have recently been issued tourniquets from the Department, and they have proven to be a great addition as a lifesaving tool for gunshot victims. These tourniquet carriers will enable officers to wear the tourniquets on their belts, allowing them to be easily and quickly accessible during an emergency, where seconds make a difference in the life of an officer or a civilian. This wonderful gesture from the Bascom Group was coordinated by Dallas Police Captain Jack Bragg, who is the commander of the Dallas Underwater Recovery Team.

The Bascom Group Representative Andrew Burshe, Jason Hanna, and Tony Ferrell visited the Jack Evans Police Headquarters on Friday, February 6, 2015, to present First Assistant Chief Cato with their donation. The Dallas Police Department would like to thank The Bascom Group for their unrelenting support. As a result of their generosity, our police officers are provided with exceptional training and equipment, therefore, continuously improving the service we provide to the citizens of Dallas.


The Basom Group’s Tony Ferrell, Jason Hanna, and Andrew Burshe with Senior Corporal Waterhouse, who is a Tactical Medicine Instructor for the Dallas Police Academy.