Social Media Anniversary!

AnniversaryThe Dallas Police Department’s blog, the DPDBeat, is happy to celebrate its One Year Anniversary!  Last year on February 24, 2014, the department announced its creation of The DPDBeat in a press conference. 

Since it’s creation, 542 blogs have been posted.  The blog has received 1,100,965 views. The most views of the blog occurred on June 3, 2014, with 32,754 views.  The blog post “Dallas Police Search for Killer” was responsible for 29,657 of those views. 

Along with the blog, the department also introduced NextDoor.  This social media tool allows neighborhoods to have virtual crime watch meetings.  Information can be sent from the department directly to neighborhoods regarding crime trends that occur in their community.  NextDoor currently has 48,238 members that come from over 37,000 households in the city. 

Social Media has become a big part of how the department disseminates information.  The department’s Facebook and Twitter pages have grown to have over 50,000 fans/followers respectively.  The department would like to thank everyone for their support and help in the growth of the Dallas Police Department Social Media platforms.