2014 Annual Traffic Contact Data Report


To provide a statistical overview of the 2014 Traffic Contact data of citizen contacts made by police and examine annual racial profiling complaints investigated by the Internal Affairs Division.


Conduct yearly analysis of departmental statistical data to help increase citizen confidence by:

  • Showing the department is in compliance with applicable Texas law on the collection of racial profiling data
  • Providing recommendations as needed to ensure the department continues to follow state guidelines regarding racial profiling

Traffic Contacts


Traffic Contact Data


Racial Profiling Complaints


Previous Racial Profiling Complaints

 Review of Data

  • Lieutenant Mark Stallo, Caruth Police Institute, conducted a review of the data, complaints, and training of the Dallas Police Department in regards to racial profiling.
  • The analysis of the report shows the Dallas Police Department is in compliance with the state of Texas law enforcement policy on racial profiling data.
  • The department is committed to providing all information required and complying with the Racial Profiling Law.
  • To ensure data collected is as accurate as possible, it is recommended continued training of officers to include understanding and distinguishing the difference of race/ethnicity codes to be used on citations. Officers do not ask drivers for race or ethnicity, but use the appropriate code based on observation only.


  •  The Dallas Police Department has established procedures for accepting complaints regarding Racial Profiling from citizens, and provides public education relating to the process for filing such complaints through the Department’s website (www.dallaspolice.net), Internal Affairs Division, and the Office of Community Affairs.
  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Management Control provides accountability and review

-100% of all marked squad cars (929) that routinely make traffic stops are equipped with in-car video cameras.

-Regular reviews by supervisors and the DVR Review Team ensure departmental accountability by identifying conduct that might bring discredit to the Department, training opportunities for improvement, development of field operating procedures, and observances of commendable behavior.