Recent Taggings Investigated as Hate Crimes

Update: March 27, 2015

Below is the press conference regarding an arrest made.

Update: July 8, 2014

Raw video footage of the suspect involved in the tagging of Dallas City Hall parking garage.

Update: July 7, 2014

There is a 12th location that was tagged in the 2200 block of Douglas Avenue. It is believed that it occurred during the same string of offenses as the others, just not reported. We still encourage anyone who saw someone matching the description of the suspect in any of the locations listed below to contact Det. Janse at 214-670-6179

 Below are the current locations:

1)  5910 Cedar Springs (Cathedral of Hope Church) – 156425-2014. 

2)  4500 Cedar Springs (Toll way Bridge/overpass) – 156550-2014. 

3)  3798 Cedar Springs (Legacy of Love Monument) – 156476-2014. 

4)  508 Young (Dallas Morning News) – 157184-2014. 

5)  2501 Oak Lawn (Dallas Observer Building) – 157508-2014. 

6)  750 St. Paul (side walk of D Magazine) – 157185-2014. 

7)  1500 Marilla (City Hall Garage Wall) – 156544. 

8)  411 Elm (Commissioners Court Offices) – NO REPORT. 

9)  3699 McKinney (Dallas Voice Newspaper stand).  NO REPORT

10)  3230 McKinney (Dallas Voice Newspaper stand). NO REPORT.

11)  3918 Harry Hines (Youth First Resource Center). Report being generated today

12) 2200 Douglas Avenue (Street)- NO REPORT



The Dallas Police Department is currently looking for a white male, approximately 6 feet tall, who was seen spray painting the news stand at the Shell gas station, located in the 3200 block of McKinney Avenue. He was wearing khaki cargo shorts, dark colored shirt or jacket, black ball cap and a backpack. This incident occurred on Sunday, June 29th at approximately 7:00 am. This same person was seen a half hour later riding a mountain bike in the vicinity of Akard and Young Streets, where he was also seen spray painting the walls to the entrance of the underground parking garage of Dallas City Hall.

Original: July 1, 2014

Legacy of Love Monument

Legacy of Love Monument

The Dallas Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying suspect(s) who deliberately vandalized several recognized locations in Dallas.  These areas  were tagged the sign of the beast “666” from the Bible’s Book of Revelation on Saturday June 28, 2014.  This occurred during the night hours and with a bright red spray paint. 

The Dallas Police Department is investigating these criminal mischief offenses as a hate crime.  A hate crime is defined as an offense that is motivated by hatred or prejudice due to race, color, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion of the victim.  The individual or group often commits the act/acts during a time that has significance to the group that is being targeted.  For example, June was Gay Pride Month, and the offenses were committed during the month of June.  Also, depending on the amount of damages, these charges could be upgraded to a felony on some cases.

Four of the tagging occurred in the northwest area of Oak Lawn Avenue.  The well-known Cathedral of Hope and the Legacy of Love Monument, both tied with Dallas’ LGBT community, were victims of this vandalism.  Other locations that were marked were the toll way over pass at Cedar Springs and the Dallas Observer. In the downtown area, the Dallas Morning News and D Magazine were also tagged.

Currently, there are no surveillance videos of the incidents.  Dallas Police is asking anyone with information regarding this crime to contact investigators at 214-670-6179.