Another Blurglar Behind Bars


On July, 29 2014, a Burglary of Habitation offense occurred at 6800 Wofford Avenue. The residence was processed by a crime scene technician and finger prints were taken for examination. On July 31, 2014, the finger prints recovered were individualized to suspect Bryan Gomez.

Dallas detectives, along with deployment units, were able to locate Suspect Gomez. He was arrested on warrants out of the city and transported to the Southeast Investigative Unit. On April 3, 2015, Detective French #9182 was able to obtain a recorded confession in which the suspect admitted to committing this offense and selling the stolen television to an unknown individual. On April 10, 2015 suspect Gomez was arrested. Great team work by the Dallas police detectives and the deployment unit.

Bryan Gomez  2/12/1996

Bryan Gomez