Press Conference Regarding Abduction Attempt on Military Parkway

Sebastion Cervantes

Wednesday April 15, 2015 at about 6:20 p.m., Dallas officers responded to a call at 9500 Military Parkway regarding a Latin male sitting in red SUV asking young girls to get into his vehicle.

As officers arrived at the townhomes, a group of teenage girls told officers that the suspect was driving away.

Officers pulled the suspect over while he was driving at 7600 Military Parkway and arrested Mr. Sebastion Cervantes LM 1-5-1969 for evading detention. He is 5’6” and weights 210 lbs. He was wearing a black shirt and white sunglasses.

Detectives from the Child Exploitation were called and interviewed a number of children from the apartment complex. The children, all females aged 15, 14, and 13 years old, stated that Mr. Cervantes has been parked at the complex for the last few days and sits in his vehicle and that he watches the children get off the school bus and drinks in his vehicle.

The girls stated that Mr. Cervantes first attempted to get them to go with him in his vehicle by showing them some white sunglasses and his wallet. When the girls refused, Mr. Cervantes got out of his vehicle and chased the girls to a nearby apartment. The arrestee stood in front of the apartment door and the girls fled. He chased them for a short distance and fell down. An unknown witness called for someone to call police.

We have charged Sebastion Cervantes with Unlawful Restraint of a Person less than 17 years old, a State Jail Felony. Evading Detention with a Vehicle, a 3rd degree Felony, and Retaliation for threatening the arresting officers a 3rd degree Felony.

He is currently in Dallas County Jail.

Mr. Cervantes told officers that he does not live at the townhomes on Military Parkway.

We are providing a photo of Mr. Cervantes and his vehicle and asking the public to come forward if they have any information on this arrestee that may involve any other incidents where he attempted to lure a child into his vehicle.

Mr. Cervantes has used numerous alias names and has extensive tattoos on his arms and upper body. He has used the following names:

Alberto Martinez

Alberto Ramirez

Jose Zambrano

Rudolpho Zambrano