Exceptional Arrest by the Southwest Division

BurglarOn May 24, 2015, a suspect entered into the victim’s apartment at 4900 Mark Trail Way and took cash from her bedroom. Because the victim had lost property from inside her home in the past, she recently installed a security camera. The following day she noticed money missing and reviewed the camera video. The video showed an unknown male in her bedroom while she was asleep in the bed. On May 28, 2015, a local news station ran a segment showing the video of the suspect and several calls were received by Crime Stoppers, providing information to the identity of the suspect. 

On May 29, 2015, Crime Stoppers sent the information to Southwest Investigations. Detective Tim Humphrey, #4841, realized the importance of the information and immediately reassigned the case from the original detective, who was off that day. The case was reassigned to Detective Tommy Somers, #7940, who used the leads provided by Crime Stoppers to identify the suspect and quickly secured an arrest warrant.

The warrant was given to Southwest Deployment Unit, Sergeant Steven Conover, #3261, who made the execution of the warrant as their number one priority. Deployment Officers Terry Cornelius, #4693, Ray Martinez, #7620, Robert Pollard, #5435 and Joe Garcia, #8743 located the suspect in the same area as the victim’s apartment complex. Southwest CRT Officers Chris Wagner, #7537 and Pat Jobe, #8694 arrived and made the arrest. The suspect was taken to the Southwest Investigative Unit where he was interviewed by Detective Somers, and later booked into Lew Sterrett Jail.

From the time Detective Humphrey took the Crime Stoppers information off the fax machine to the time the suspect was transported to the Dallas County Jail was an unbelievable 5 hours!  Detective Somers contacted the victim, who was ecstatic of the quick response and will be able to rest much better knowing that this dangerous suspect is in jail.  Southwest NPOs will offer a security check of the victim’s home to help reduce the threat of this problem reoccurring. This offense was documented on case number 117093-2015.