June 2015 Officer of the Month: Detective Michael Reuler, #7844


Detective Michael Reuler, #7844, has been selected as the Dallas Police Department’s Officer of the Month for June 2015. Detective Reuler is a 15-year veteran with the Department, currently assigned to the Gang Unit, as a member of the FBI Violent Gang Safe Streets Task Force.

Detective Reuler has earned over 60 commendations throughout his career, and almost every one of them has the mention of at least one of three items: drugs, guns or gangsters. From December 2013 to approximately June 2014, Detective Reuler was the co-lead detective in the investigation of a criminal street gang known as Goon Squad.  These young dangerous criminals obtained illegal narcotics and monetary proceeds by committing violent acts against other high level narcotics traffickers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. As co-lead for this particular task, he and his cohorts were able to obtain approximately 15 federal indictments, seize eight weapons, and confiscate five vehicles.

In addition to his 63 commendations, Detective Reuler has received a Certificate of Merit for his participation in the safety of the Super Bowl event (2011), a Five-Year Safe Driving Award, a Marksmanship Award and a Five-Year Perfect Attendance Award.

Kudos to Detective Michael Reuler for receiving the June 2015 Officer of the Month Award.