Homicide on Perryton Drive: Suspect Edelen Arrested

Updated June 25, 2015 at 5:55 p.m.

On June 24, 2015 at approximately 3:34 a.m., Jonathan Ryan Edelen, a B/M/03-11-1981 called 911 and reported that his wife Ceaira Sedia Nequay Ford B/F/08-22-86 had stopped breathing. Dallas Police and Dallas Fire Rescue were dispatched to the location at 2514 Perryton Dr in the Primrose Apartments. DFR arrived and observed that Ms. Ford was deceased and that rigor mortis had already begun. After DPD officers arrived, Mr. Edelen approached one of the officers in the apartment and stated “put the cuffs on me and take me to jail, I killed my wife.”

Edelen was placed into custody and transported to Jack Evans Police Headquarters were he provided a voluntary statement admitting to the offense. Suspect Edelen stated that on June 22, 2015 that he and Ms. Ford had become involved in an argument. Edelen indicated that Ms. Ford would not stop talking. As the argument continued, Suspect Edelen threw a blanket over Ms. Ford as she lay on a mattress in the bedroom, got on top of her, grabbed a pillow and placed it over her head, holding it there until she stopped moving. Edelen indicated that when he removed the blanket and pillow Ms. Ford was no longer breathing. Suspect Edelen is currently in the Dallas County Jail.

During the investigation of this incident, it was discovered that Dallas Police had received a 911 call from a citizen on June 22, 2015 at approximately 10:45 p.m. reporting a disturbance in progress. The caller reported a male talking softly while a female was screaming statements to the effect of, “I’m sorry, I won’t fight you, I did apologize”. Two Dallas Police officers, a trainer and his recruit, responded to the location. The officers were dispatched to the call at 11:08p.m. and arrived at the location at 11:13p.m. The officers attempted to contact the caller by knocking on her door to verify the correct apartment but got no answer. The officers then went to the apartment described on their call sheet and talked with a male inside the apartment. From the door, the officers could see the interior common area of the apartment. They did not see any signs of a disturbance but noted that the television volume was loud. The officers then updated the call sheet to indicate that they had spoken with the resident, that there was no disturbance and that he was home alone. We now believe that the officers spoke to an individual who is a close friend to Suspect Edelen while Edelen was in another area of the apartment with the deceased Ms. Ford. The Homicide Unit is also seeking to determine what role, if any that Suspect Edelen’s friend played in the homicide. We have also learned that Suspect Edelen’s mother and the two children (male 6, female 4) he had with Ms. Ford were also at the location. This incident remains an active homicide investigation.

The Internal Affairs Division will conduct an investigation into the manner in which the responding officers handled the call that was received at the location on June 22nd .   

Today, at approximately 3:47 a.m., Dallas officers responded to a deceased person call at 2514 Perryton Drive, Apartment 7108.  The responding officers were met on scene by Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedics who pronounced the complainant, Ceaira Ford, B/f/28, deceased.  While officers were inside the apartment investigating the circumstances, Jonathan Edelen, B/m/34, made a res gestae statement to one officer indicating he had killed his wife (Ms. Ford).  Officers arrested Edelen and transported him to the Dallas Police Department Headquarters.  Edelen was interviewed by homicide detectives and he gave a voluntary statement admitting that he suffocated Ms. Ford on June 22, 2015.  Edelen has been charged with Murder and placed in Lew Sterrett Jail.  His bond is set at $1,000,000.00.

Records indicate Dallas Police officers were dispatched to the Perryton address on June 22, 2015.  The circumstances are under review.  The investigation is on-going.