Two Arrested for Practicing Medicine without a License


On June 3, 2015, a victim reported that she was suffering from an advanced infection of her mouth as a result of dental work done at her residence by suspect Mario Sabillon-Mejia, Latin male, 1/23/82. Suspect Mejia presented himself as a dentist from Honduras.

The victim stated that she set up a consultation with arrestee Sabillon-Mejia and his assistant, arrestee Tiffany Gonzalez, Latin female, 05/09/1974. Victim and arrestee Sabillon-Mejia agreed upon a price of $1500.00.

On May 25, 2014, the suspects Sabillon-Mejia and Gonzalez came to the victim’s home. Victim was asked to lie down on the living room couch. Arrestee Sabillon-Mejia then injected the victim with an unknown substance into her gums and began pulling her teeth out. The victim stated she felt severe pain and requested the procedure stop but arrestee Sabillon-Mejia removed four teeth, which caused pain and extensive bleeding. The arrestees used the victim’s restroom to clean their instruments.


The victim will require extensive medical and dental treatment to heal from her injuries.

On June 24, 2015, the arrestee and his accomplice were arrested.

Both arrestees where charged with Practicing Medicine without a License, F/3, Possession of Dangerous Drugs x2 M/A offense and alias warrants. This incident is documented on case number 125771-2015.

We are asking the public if anyone has been a victim of arrestees Sabillon-Mejia and Gonzalez, to please contact Sergeant Richard Santiesteban at 214-671-3517.