Auto Theft Suspect Arrested


On August 6, 2015, the Dallas Police Auto Theft Unit received a tip from regarding an auto theft suspect operating out of Alvarez Auto Repair located at 10307 Denton Drive. The anonymous tip stated that the suspect, identified as Pedro Hernandez, steals vehicles daily and strips them to use the stolen parts to fix other “salvaged” vehicles. Specifically, the tip stated that the suspect was currently fixing up a salvage truck using parts off a stolen black Chevrolet truck. Due to the tip, detectives with the Dallas and Plano Police departments re-opened a closed case regarding the same suspect and location.

On August 6, 2015, Dallas Police Auto Theft Detectives Rendon #8163, Fregeau #7732, and Garza #7545 conducted a business inspection at Alvarez Auto Repair which is opened to the public.

Upon arrival detectives recognized the suspect who was working at the location. Detectives detained the suspect for an outstanding 2014 auto theft warrant. Mr. Hernandez initially gave detectives a false name but was subsequently identified and taken into custody.

The owner stated that Mr. Hernandez had been working at this location for several months and pointed out some of the trucks the suspect was working on. Detectives observed a tan colored truck missing the bed that was in the process of being rebuilt. The vehicle had black Chevrolet parts on it including the doors, fenders, and hood. The suspect stated he was working on that vehicle for someone else. All identifying markings on the black parts were scratched off and obliterated. Detectives then found a black Chevrolet truck bed on the side of the building along with a set of seats. A secondary VIN number identified that the black Chevrolet parts belong to a vehicle which was stolen on July 31, 2015 from a UT Southwestern parking lot.

The suspect was arrested for his outstanding warrant. A new warrant will be filed against the suspect for possessing the stolen vehicle parts. Detectives have determined this location to be an active “chop shop” and due to the tipster, were able to successfully identify, and arrest a key player in this operation. Detectives will continue to follow up this investigation to obtain and develop more leads or suspects.