Chief David O. Brown Hosts Award Ceremony

Dallas Police Chief David Brown will host an award ceremony Friday, August 28, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. in the Donald A. Stafford Media Conference Room at the Jack Evans Police Headquarters. The presentation will include Life Saving awards for thirteen officers and five Citizen’s Certificates of Merit arising from four separate incidents.  We encourage the media to attend as we recognize these individuals for their heroic achievements.

On August 22, 2015, at about 3:40 p.m., Officers Christina Mattox #10467, Jesus Tovar #10719, Branden Helms #10724, and Juan Saldana #10733 were working an assignment downtown when they were flagged down by a couple because their four year old daughter had been shot in the leg during a drive by shooting incident. The child was losing consciousness and needed immediate assistance. The officers worked together to apply a tourniquet to the child’s leg in order to stop the blood loss. Paramedics arrived and transported the child to Children’s Hospital where she was reported to be in stable condition.

Without their quick thinking and proficiency in tactical medical care, the child would not have survived the incident. As a result, the following officers are being awarded the Life Saving Bar:

4 Year Old

Top Left: Officer Christina Mattox #10467 Top Right: Officer Jesus Tovar #10719 Bottom Left: Officer Branden Helms #10724 Bottom Right: Officer Juan Manuel Saldana Jr. #10733 is being awarded a Certificate of Merit for his assistance in this incident.

On March 27, 2015, at about 3:45 p.m., Senior Corporal Jimmy Thongrivong #6961 and Lieutenant Ernest Sherman #6231 were on bike patrol on the Santa Fe Trail in east Dallas when Senior Corporal Thongrivong suddenly went into cardiac arrest and fell from his bike onto the ground. Lt. Sherman immediately requested cover and an ambulance and began chest compressions on Sr. Corporal Thongrivong. A nearby citizen, Ms. Jennifer Bowdler, called 9-1-1 and provided additional information to the dispatcher about the exact location of the officers. Ms. Bowdler then gave Sr. Corporal Thongrivong rescue breaths while Lt. Sherman continued with chest compressions. Metro Deployment Senior Corporal Stephen Thompson #9243, who was a former EMT, arrived on the scene and continued to provide CPR to Sr. Corporal Thongrivong.  For the actions they took to save Sr. Corporal Thongrivong’s life the following awards are being presented:

Ms. Jennifer Bowdler

Ms. Jennifer Bowdler

  • The Life Saving Bar
  • Lieutenant Ernest Sherman #6231
  • Senior Corporal Stephen Thompson #9243
  • The Citizen’s Certificate of Merit – Ms. Jennifer Bowdler

On July 9, 2015, at about 9:47 p.m., Officers Michael Sullivan 10571, Jason Henrichs #10569, Laura Beddow #10424, and William Mathis #10316 responded to a 9-1-1 call about a major accident at the intersection of Greenville and Bryan Parkway. During the crash, a motorcyclist was pinned underneath a vehicle causing her breathing to be restricted. The officers arrived within seconds of the crash before the fire department was on scene. The officers attempted to use a jack to lift the vehicle from the motorcyclist, but it did not work. Senior Corporal Michael Welch #8205, Officer Kevin Mathew #10862, Officer Boz Rojas #10379, and Officers R. L. Rushing #10416 arrived on scene to help the first responding officers. All of the officers together were able to lift the car and pull the motorcyclist from underneath the vehicle. She was rushed to the hospital and treated for her injuries. The following officers are being awarded the Life Saving Bar:


Top Left: Police Officer Boz Rojas #10379 Bottom Left: Police Officer Kevin Mathew #10862 Center: Police Officer Laura Beddow #10424 Top Right: Police Officer R. L. Rushing, III #10416 Bottom Right: Police Officer William Mathis #10316 Not pictured : Police Officer Jason Henrichs #10569


Pictured with Chief Brown is Anthony Mendoza and Douglas Carter. Not pictured but also received awards are Beeny Patterson and Willie Williams.

On August 21, 20015, at about 3:30 p.m., Dallas Water Utilities employees Anthony Mendoza and Douglas Carter were working near 2833 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard when they observed a scuffle between a woman and man at the Chase Bank ATM. Mendoza and Carter intervened to stop what was actually a robbery in progress. Mendoza and Carter chased down the alleged robber and apprehended him about a block away with the assistance of two more citizens, Beeny Patterson and Willie Williams. The men were able to hold and detain the suspect until police arrived.

For their actions, Anthony Mendoza, Douglas Carter, Beeny Patterson and Willie Williams are being awarded the Citizen’s Certificate of Merit.

For more information regarding the above mentioned awards ceremony, please contact the Police Media Relations Unit at (214) 671-4065.