A Special Thank You from the Carlisle Students

IMG_3084On September 6, 2015, Senior Corporal Jonathan Crump, #8521, responded to a theft call at 4705 West Lovers Lane at the Carlisle School.  Upon arrival, the officer met with the school owner Susan Hill Carlisle; Mrs. Carlisle reported to Senior Corporal Crump that the school’s air conditioner units had been taken by an unknown suspect.  After completing the report on case number 207405-2015, Senior Corporal Crump took it upon himself to purchase a new air condition unit for the school. 

The Carlisle students want to express their appreciation for Senior Corporal Crump who went out of his way and purchased a new air condition unit for the school that currently has 37 students.  Senior Corporal Crump is to be commended for his generosity of spirit in purchasing a new air condition units for this school.