Dallas Officers Light Up Life For One Dallas Citizen


Officer Brad Uptmore and Officer Matthew Parson are making the news again. Last year, they were recognized for pulling a suicidal man from the top of a bridge while the entire event was captured on dash camera video. Today, however, their story is changing from heroic to heart-warming.

On August 28, 2015, at about 8:45 P.M., Officer Uptmore and Officer Parson responded to a call about a residential panic alarm activation. They arrived and discovered that the alarm was blaring with the 90-year-old homeowner inside.

The elderly woman had accidentally set of the alarm, but could not see how to operate her alarm panel because her lamp was broken. The officers were able to help the woman turn off the alarm and then they left. A few days later, the officers couldn’t help thinking about their encounter with the elderly woman. They decided to buy her a new lamp and leave it on her door step with a note stating, “Lorraine, We wanted to get you a new lamp since we saw your last one was broken. Have a great day! Officers B. Uptmore and M. Parson.”

The family of the woman was so touched by the officers’ act of kindness they wrote a thank you letter to the officers and sent it to the Dallas Morning News.

The department would also like to thank Officer Uptmore and Officer Parson for their kindness and generosity and for going above and beyond their call of duty to help a Dallas citizen.