Case Closed

On September 14, 2015, at 8:37 pm, officers from the Northeast Patrol Division responded to a call for police regarding a burglary in progress at the Big Daddy Car Company located at 11700 Garland Road. The alarm company notified the owner that the business was being burglarized. The business had cameras inside that features a live feed. The owner was able to give a play-by-play account to the 911 operator of the suspect’s activities, which included, being armed and attempting to gain access to the safe.

Officers Christopher Jameson, #9649 and Justin Novak, #10545, were at the scene in under 20 seconds. The suspects became aware of the officers’ presence and attempted to flee. Before support units arrived, one suspect escaped from the rear of the business and was immediately apprehended. Officer Jameson was able to broadcast a description of the second suspect who fled out the front door. Officers provided a quick response, displayed a great team effort, and as a result with additional assistance of citizens, located the second suspect. The two suspects were transported to Northeast Investigative Unit where both gave a full written confession of their involvement.  All the property that was stolen was recovered.

The following officers responded and assisted with the search and arrest; Courtney Collins #10449, Russell Mayle #10704, Jeremy Oates #10224, Christopher Blow #10622, Amber Oliver #10113 , Kevin Simler #9850, Michael Griffin #10435, Jeffery Coleman #9976, Andrew Winchester #10018, Ian Greene #10639, Jeffrey Gaston #10860, Dan Russell #9494 , Christopher Ross #9551, Paul Bradley #10752, Brian Halpain #8999, Casey Tharp #9325, Timothy Stecker #5638, Kenny Lopez #6949, Noel Marez #10851, Jeffrey Hunter #9857, Calvin, Bretel #10355, Wayi Bandas #9654, and Quoc Le #10570. 

Team work, a resourceful business owner, and helpful citizens made this great arrest and took two business burglars off the street. CASE CLOSED!!!