That’s A Flippin’ Good Story: Cop Hero


On Wednesday, September 23, 2015, a complete stranger, Ms. Sheri Johnson-Lopez, drove to Dallas and paid a visit to police headquarters. Her visit was to donate to the department an amazing piece of artwork in which she created to shows her appreciation for law enforcement officers across the country. Her inspiration came from a very special friend she calls “Superman,” who is actually an Oklahoma City area police officer. The original drawing was given to him as a gift for his birthday. Sheri describes the officer as a single dad who works extremely hard serving and protecting the community. Although Sheri said she does not have the heart it takes to be a police officer, she shows her appreciation through her artistic drawings and by donating 20 percent of the earnings to Law Enforcement agencies. Her drawing is meant to reflect police officers protecting the citizens they serve, while guardian angels protect over everyone.

The members of the Media Relations Unit are very humbled to receive such a master piece of artistic expressions, and will gladly find a home on our wall to remind us of the kindness of strangers…Thank you Sheri!!!

If you are interested in this particular art work or any other projects Sheri is working on, we encourage you to visit her site at the link below.