Cop Foils Donut Shop Robbery


On October 8, 2015, at approximately 7:30 a.m., off – duty Dallas Police Officer Christopher Berry, #10668, was in full police uniform traveling to an off- duty job when he stopped at the Joy Donut shop located at 3502 Simpson Stuart Road. Officer Berry parked but before exiting his vehicle he observed two males, both wearing black wool hoods pulled over their faces and white socks pulled over their hands, hiding at the edge of the building and peering into the donut shop.

Suspecting that a robbery was about to occur, Officer Berry remained in his vehicle and observed both suspects enter the business. One suspect stole one cash register from the counter while the second suspect attempted to steal the second register from the counter. The owner of the business intervened to prevent the second suspect from stealing the second cash register. A struggle over the cash register ensued during which the second suspect assaulted the business owner.

While the suspects were inside the business, Officer Berry moved to a tactically safe position behind his vehicle and continued to observe the offense. When the suspects fled out of the front door of the business, Officer Berry made his presence known by giving the loud verbal command “Dallas Police stop”. One suspect continued fleeing with a cash register and is at large. The second suspect obeyed officer Berry’s commands and was arrested.

The stolen cash register was recovered in a nearby field. Neither suspect produced a weapon during this offense. No weapons were recovered from the arrested person or at the offense location.

The arrested person is Kristopher Jones, Black male, 5-15-1997. The second suspect is described as a Black male, unknown age, 5’9” tall, weighing150 lbs., wearing a black shirt, dark pants, and wool hood pulled over his face and white socks pulled over his hands. This offense is documented on case number 233505-2015.

Anyone with information as to the identity of the second suspect or additional information related to this offense should contact Detective Butler at 214.671.3584. You may also submit tips via the iWatch Dallas app on your smartphone anonymously or to Crime Stoppers at 1-877-373-TIPS (8477).