Here To Lend A Helping Hand

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On September 17, 2015, Senior Corporal Mark Gonzales, #8348, responded to a burglary of a residence call, and unbeknownst to him, that call would have a tremendous impact on an abandoned young man’s life.

After Senior Corporal Gonzales arrived and began his investigation, he determined that the home was abandoned, no property had been taken, and the home showed no signs of a forced entry.  As Senior Corporal Gonzales surveyed the area, he came across 21 year-old Chris Nwosu, who explained that his family kicked him out of his home and that he had nowhere to go.  At that point, Senior Corporal Gonzales’ compassion took over and he immediately consoled the young man and began looking for a place that could assist him. Mr. Nwosu, moved to tears by Gonzales’ kindness and sincerity, asked, “Why are you helping me?” Gonzales simply replied, “Because that’s what we are here for.”  Senior Corporal Gonzales took Mr. Nwosu to the Life Foundation where he enrolled in a six-month program that enables the homeless by providing platforms that develop life skills and assists in finding job’s; the foundation also offers food and shelter. Senior Corporal Mark  Gonzales went above and beyond the normal duties of an officer to comfort a scared and helpless young man who had nowhere to turn.

The Dallas Police Department is thankful to have officers of Senior Corporal Gonzales’ caliber serving and protecting the citizens of Dallas.