Talking about a T.K.O.



The Dallas Police Department would like to recognize Detective Craig Kier for his diligence and dedication to this Burglary offense where a citizen was reunited with some very prized possessions.

On August 9, 2015, unknown suspect(s) used force to enter into several storage bins at the Extra Space Storage, located at 5431 Lemmon Avenue.  The thieves hit the jack pot when they came across $30,000 worth of framed artwork and autographed sports memorabilia. The collectables included game jerseys or helmets of NFL stars Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, and Tony Dorsett, an autographed photo of baseball All-Star Alex Rodriguez, a Pete Rose autographed jersey and framed baseball bat, and an NBA All Star Tim Duncan autographed jersey and an autographed Muhammad Ali, Thrilla in Manila boxing robe.  Also taken were several expensive Oriental area rugs.

The case was assigned to Detective Craig Kier, #8119 of the Northwest Investigations. There was very little physical evidence and the video tape of the incident did not provide much assistance.  After several weeks someone called the Extra Space Storage manager and suggested a name of a person who may have been involved in the case. Using that information, Detective Kier was able to track down a possible suspect. After meeting with the suspect, Detective Kier was able to recover two framed artwork pictures and obtained a name of a person who had sold the artwork.

Detective Kier found that the new suspect had been recently arrested and was in the Dallas County Jail.  During a jailhouse interview, the suspect advised that he had sold a lot of the items to employees at an exclusive Dallas hotel. Detective Kier visited employees at the hotel and recovered the majority of the stolen property.  The detective also found that the suspect had pawned several of the items; however he was able to place a hold on the property.

Although the majority of the property has not been recovered most of the sports memorabilia was recovered. However, the Oriental rugs were discarded by the suspect along the side of Lemmon Avenue, as he fled after the theft. A few of the items were damaged and then thrown away and several are still unaccounted for. 

On October 19, 2015, Detective Kier filled a burglary of building case on the suspect.  The victim was very excited to recover the stolen property and very commending of the work of Detective Kier.  This incident was filed on case number 188543-2015.  jacket