Dallas Police Department Reveals Updated Officer Involved Shooting Website

Have you seen the Dallas Police Department’s updated Officer Involved Shooting website? Data compiled on officer-involved shooting incidents is available from 2003 on, and is now displayed and available in the Socrata open data portal.

Image courtesy of White House Open Data Initiative

Police Departments participating in the White House Police Data Initiative:

The Dallas Police Department stands as a national leader in the presentation of data related to transparency on officer-involved shooting incidents. We are proud to have been one of the first agencies invited to participate in the White House Police Data Initiative. All 21 participating police departments have committed to release a combined total of 101 data sets that have not been released to the public. The types of data include uses of force, police pedestrian and vehicle stops, officer involved shootings and more, helping the communities gain visibility into key information on police/citizen encounters.

Users are now able to explore, download and arrange the data in more ways with the updated Socrata open data format. There will also be increased functionality allowing for updates to the site to be made as near real-time as investigative discretion allows. Cities across the nation are pushing out increasing data via open data portals and the Dallas Police Department leads the way as an example to other police departments.