Dallas Police Detectives Arrest Purse Snatch Suspects in the Act

On Tuesday, October 20th, at 2:00 pm, Southeast Property Crimes Detectives Leroy Pena, #7914, and Don Randle, #5653, witnessed a male snatch a 75-year-old woman’s purse in the 7700 block of Lake June Road.  The detectives saw the suspect take the purse, jump into a waiting car driven by a female, and flee the location. 

The detectives followed the car while giving the vehicle description over the police radio and asking for for marked police units to respond.  But before squad cars arrived, the suspect vehicle turned down a dead-end street and the male suspect ran from the vehicle.  That suspect was captured by Detective Pena while the female suspect tried to drive away, but was subsequently apprehended by Detective Randle. The suspects, Roy Gene White, a 41-year-old Black male, born 4-13-1974, and Sammie Jo Montgomery, a 36 year-old Black female, born 2-8-1979, were arrested and charged with Theft from Person (Elderly), a third degree felony. This offense is documented on case number 244279-2015.

Kudos to these two city detectives for their vigilance and quick action!