2015 Friends of the Dallas Police Awards Banquet


The 33rd Annual Friends of the Dallas Police Awards Banquet was held at the Hyatt Regency on October 27, 2015. Members of the department, both sworn and civilian, were honored for their dedication and commitment to the citizens of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department.

A sworn and non-sworn employee are selected as employee of the year for the following bureaus: Office of the Chief of Police, Administrative Bureau, Investigations Bureau, Patrol Bureau, Strategic Deployment Bureau and Support Bureau. From these nominees, the Officer of the Year is selected, in addition to the Supervisor of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Field Training Officer of the Year, Reserve Officer of the Year and Non-Sworn Employee of the Year.

Bureau Award Winner and Officer of the Year: Monica Cordova

IMG_1397The John T. McCarthy Officer of the Year award is in memory of John T. McCarthy, an officer who was murdered while investigating suspicious activity near White Rock Lake in 1981. The department has approximately 3500 sworn police personnel. This award commends an officer who has shown exemplary contributions to law enforcement. Senior Corporal Monica Cordova has served the department for 6 years and is currently assigned to the Media Relations Unit which provides information, assistance, and support to citizens while promoting a positive image for the Dallas Police Department.  Corporal Cordova played a major role in creating the new department intranet page, which will be released soon. She is currently designing a new smart phone app specifically created for the Department, which will allow citizens to quickly access vital safety information.


Supervisor of the Year: Sergeant Edward Spila


Given in memory of Assistant Chief Bullard, the Marvin R. Bullard Supervisory of the Year Award is awarded to a supervisor for exemplary contributions to law enforcement. Sergeant Edward Spila was promoted to sergeant in 2004 and oversees the northwest crime response team. He and his team of officers have been instrumental in capturing several of Dallas’ most dangerous robbery suspects. From January 2015 to July 2015, his team answered 500 calls, made 330 arrests, 880 traffic stops, 25 bait car arrests, seized 20 guns, 10,000 grams of methamphetamine, 30 grams of heroin, and seized 25,000 dollars. Sergeant Spila is the recipient of 80 commendations, 2 meritorious conduct awards, 1 lifesaving award, 1 police shield award and 2 certificate of merit awards.


Field Training Officer of the Year: Senior Corporal Cynthia Stewart


The field training program is instrumental in developing police recruits into future police officers. This award was created to recognize the accomplishments of those who are responsible for transforming new recruits into self-sufficient police officers. Senior Corporal Cynthia Stewart is a 29 year veteran and currently assigned to the Southwest Patrol Division. She was promoted to field training officer in 1990 and became a full-time trainer for 4 years. Her 18 years as a property crimes detective adds a higher level to her FTO training curriculum. She teaches her trainee officers safe and proper procedures. Senior Corporal Stewart training philosophy mirrors the “indoctrination to training” of the FTO manual. She also volunteers her time as a Sunday school teacher and is a past president of the United Methodist women, who engage in charitable acts of giving. In 2012 she was recognized by the department for organizing a fundraiser for a young officer battling cancer. Senior Corporal Stewart is the recipient of 80 commendations and 1 certificate of merit award.

Detective of The Year: Eduardo Ibarra:


Detective Eduardo Ibarra has served the department for 24 years. Detective Ibarra is assigned to the Investigations Bureau – Special Investigative. He has served there since 2005. Detective Ibarra investigates officer-involved shootings, deaths in custody, and assaults on police officers and security guards. He also instructs outside agencies and teaches interrogation techniques at the federal law enforcement-training center. Eddie Ibarra received five certificates of merits, 93 commendations and one police commendation award.





Reserve Officer of the Year: Lieutenant Kyle Anderson


The Joe C. Jones Reserve Officer of the Year award is in memory of Joe C. Jones, who joined the Dallas Police Department Reserve Unit in 1968. Officer Jones passed away from injuries resulting from an automobile accident while enroute to aid another officer in 1972. This award is given to recognize reserve officers and their dedication by volunteering their time to the Dallas Police Department and the citizens of Dallas while maintaining full time jobs in other professions. Reserve Lieutenant Kyle Anderson joined the Dallas Police Reserve Battalion October 2005. He is currently assigned to the Southeast Division, he worked over 499 hours in the last 12 months, twice the minimum required hours for reserve officers. Lieutenant Anderson is one of the first reserves to help with special assignment work routinely volunteers for city-wide events,  and works with probationary officers to further their patrol skills. Due to his competency and professionalism, he was selected to host the chief of the special constabulary of the city of London Metropolitan Police.

Non-Sworn Employee of the Year: Crime Technician Joann Anaya


The James Taylor Non-Sworn Employee of the Year award is in memory of Chief Helicopter Pilot and Reserve Officer James “Chuck” Taylor, who passed away in 1984 from a helicopter crash. This award is given to recognize one of the 550 non-sworn employees of the police department and their dedication to the police profession. Joann Anaya is currently assigned to the Northwest Investigative Unit and has 21 years of departmental service. Joann Anaya has processed 10,045 cases during that time, she reviews cases to develop suspect information or criminal patterns to recover stolen property. Joann Anaya also processes approximately 83 cases per year and has recovered approximately $1,359,944.00 in stolen property.

Additional award recipients were honored in the following categories: Educational Scholarship, Medal of Valor, Meritorious Conduct, Police Commendation, Life Saving and Police Shield. Congratulations to all of the award winners.