On October 29, 2015, Dallas Police arrested Matthew Bourasa, W/M, 2/27/69, Kourtlyn Turpin, L/M, 1/26/94, and Ryan Uresti, W/M, 8/6/91 in connection to an investigation related to Impersonating a Public Servant, F/3, Trafficking of Persons, F/1, and Sexual Assault, F/2.  The investigation was initiated by the Departments High Risk Victims and Trafficking Squad and involved a male victim who was under 18 when the offenses occurred. 

The offenses occurred during the date span of 7/26/15 through 9/11/15.  The victim was trafficked for sex to Suspect Bourasa by Suspect Uresti.  Once Suspect Bourasa had the victim in his home he represented himself as a police officer, displaying a badge, handcuffing the victim, and arresting him for prostitution. Suspect Bourasa is not and has never been a police officer.  After pretending to make the arrest, Suspect Bourasa and Suspect Turpin agreed to call it off if the victim lived with them and accepted their mentoring.  The victim agreed and stayed with Suspect Bourasa and Turpin for several weeks and during this time was sexually assaulted by both Suspects Bourasa and Turpin.

All three Suspects upon their arrest were interviewed at the Child Exploitation Office and transported to Lew Sterrett Jail.  Below is a list of the related charges and bond amounts for each suspect.

Matthew Bourasa W/M/02/27/1969
Trafficking of Persons, F/1                           warrant # F-1571945   bond $100,000.00
Impersonating a Public Servant, F/3          warrant # F-1571942   bond $100,000.00
Sexual Assault, F/2                                       warrant #F-15719440  bond $100,000.00
Sexual Assault, F/2                                       warrant #F-1571943    bond $100,000.00

Kourtlyn Turpin  L/M/-1/26/1994
Trafficking of Persons, F/1                           warrant # F-1571939   bond $100,000.00
Impersonating a Public Servant, F/3         warrant # F-1571940   bond $100,000.00
Sexual Assault, F/2                                        warrant #F-1571941  bond $100,000.00

Ryan Uresti  W/M/ 08/06/1991
Trafficking of Persons, F/1,                         warrant # F-157191946   bond $100,000.00

Offenses reported on following Case Numbers:

250194-2015-  Trafficking of Persons, F/1

250193-2015- Impersonating a Public Servant, F/2

211947-2015 – Sexual Assault, F/2

250195-2015 – Sexual Assault, F/2

Anyone having additional information on these three Suspects should contact Detective De La Paz at 214- 671 4205.