Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested


On April 17, 2015,  Ricardo Salorzano, (L/M 12/20/1985) and another identified male met the female victim outside of a nightclub in north Dallas. The victim needed a ride home so they offered to bring her home after they got something to eat.

Once they left the restaurant, the vehicle started heading in the opposite direction of the victim’s home causing her to become alarmed. Salorzano told her they could not take her home.  The victim asked to be let out of the vehicle and they refused by driving her to a nearby alley where she was sexually assaulted. The victim was left in the alley and she sought help shortly thereafter they left the location.  

The Dallas Police Department’s Sexual Assault Squad identified Salorzano by positive identifiers in the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and was taken into custody. Salorzano were booked into the Dallas County Jail and his bond was set at $25,000.  Salorzano have since been released on bond.

If you have any additional information related to this offense or have been approached in this way by Ricardo Salorzano previously, you are asked to contact Detective Lopez of the Dallas Police Department at, 214-671-3584.