Officer Involved Shooting at 2400 W. Northwest Highway

UPDATE: November 11, 2015 @ 3:15 PM:

The following officers were involved in the officer-involved shooting that occurred on November 9, 2015 at 2435 W. Northwest Hwy.

INVOLVED OFFICERS:                                             TENURE:                              DUTY STATION:

Sgt. Shannon Browning, #9129   B/M                       8 years 6 months               Southwest Patrol

Sr. Cpl. Antonio Barrientos, #10185 L/M                 5 years 5 months               Major Crimes

Sr. Cpl. Edmundo Lujan, #7375   L/M                      19 years 8 months             Financial Crimes

UPDATE: NOVEMBER 9, 2015 4:25 PM

Subject: Eduardo Gonzalez-Rios L/M/12-29-85

Aggravated Assault on Public Servant F/1

After interviewing witnesses, Detectives determined that in addition to striking and running over a Dallas Police Officer, the subject put his SUV into reverse and backed over the officer causing additional serious injuries. The officer remains in stable condition with broken bones and a laceration to his head.

We will release the names of all involved officers 48 hours after the incident (Wednesday morning) and all involved officers are on routine administrative leave as per departmental policy. 



On November 8,2015, at approximately midnight Dallas officers were working an off duty job in full uniform at Kalua Discotheque located at 2435 W. Northwest Highway.  A disturbance occurred inside the night club resulting in the suspect being escorted outside by employees of the club and told to leave the premises. The valet retrieved the suspect’s vehicle and the suspect got in. He then backed up very quickly, striking one officer. The suspect then drove forward over a curb striking and running over a second officer causing him serious injury.  According to witnesses, this is when officers opened fire on the suspect striking him. The vehicle driven by the suspect crashed and the he was subsequently taken into custody. 

The officer was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he is in stable condition.  The suspect was also transported to Parkland Medical Hospital where his condition is unknown. If anyone has additional information or cell phone video, please contact our Special Investigations Unit at (214)-671-3584.