Purse Thief Behind Bars


On November 9, 2015, at approximately 1:00 p.m., officers responded to a robbery in progress call at 3820 Bonnie View Road. Upon arrival officers met with the victim who stated she had just been robbed at gun point by a Black male suspect. The victim was sitting in her personal vehicle with a friend when they were approached by the suspect, who pointed a black handgun at them and demanded money. The suspect then reached into the open window of the vehicle and snatched the victim’s gold Michael Kors purse and ran from the location.

Moments later, three men near by heard the victim screaming in distress “Help me. Someone just robbed my purse!” At the same time they observed the male suspect hiding a gold purse underneath his arm running through the apartment complex. All three males ran after the suspect into the adjacent neighborhood, in which the suspect ran inside a yellow house, and tossed the victims purse from a window. The three males caught up to the suspect and approached the house; the suspect walked out the front door and stood on the porch.

The courageous men asked the suspect for the victim’s purse, but instead the suspect pulled up his shirt to display a gun that was tucked into his waistband. Despite the danger they were facing for something that did not have any meaning to them they did not back out. As all four of them stood there facing each other, the suspect would not tell them where the purse was located. Finally, the suspect realized that they were not giving up; so he walked over to the side of the porch, grabbed the victim’s purse, and threw it at them.

Responding officers were shown what house the suspect had ran into and they quickly set up a perimeter. Once again, the suspect exited the house and the suspect began to ask the officers about a robbery that had just occurred in the area. At this point officers detained the suspect and began to question him about the robbery. The suspect agreed to sign a consent to search form allowing the officers permission to enter the house.

While the officers were searching the house, other officers who were speaking to the victim asked her if she could identify the suspect. The victim told officers that the suspect they had detained was indeed the male who had robbed her. Seconds later, the officers inside the residence were able to locate the handgun that was used during the robbery.  The suspect was then placed under arrest and charged with Aggravated Robbery.  

This was a job well done by brave, outstanding citizens and the fast acting South Central Patrol Officers.