On November 15, 2015, at approximately 10:30 pm, the Dallas Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Squad (ICAC), with the assistance of the Fort Worth Police Department, arrested Cuauhtemoc Munoz, a Latin male (DOB 6/14/72), for Sexual Assault of a Child, F/2, and Trafficking of Persons, F/1. Jason Strickland, a White male (DOB 12/20/82), was also arrested in Colorado on Saturday evening, 11/14/15,  on a warrant for Trafficking of Persons, F/1, in connection with this investigation.

These arrests resulted from an online investigation which involved a 16 year old female victim.  Both arrestees met the victim on social media.  Arrestee Munoz, pretending to be a 17 year old male, agreed to help the victim run away from home and get her a bus ticket to Alabama to meet arrestee Strickland. Before taking the victim to the bus station, arrestee Munoz took the victim to a hotel in Dallas where he sexually assaulted her.  The victim was then taken to the bus station where arrestee Munoz purchased a ticket for her to go to Alabama.  The victim was recovered in Alabama by her parents and was brought back to Texas. 

Arrestee Munoz was transported to Lew Sterrett Jail and is charged with Sexual Assault of a Child, F/2, $100,000 bond and Trafficking of Persons, F/1, $100,000 bond.  Arrestee Strickland is currently being held in Larimer County, Colorado, on a Trafficking of Persons warrant, F/1, $100,000 bond. 

These offenses are reported on Case #177979-2015. 

Anyone having additional information regarding these subjects should contact Detective Weast of the ICAC Squad at 214-671-4214.