Dallas Detectives Solve Cold Case Capital Murder

On September 23, 2007, the complainant, Eliazar Flores, was found in a pool of blood and was initially believed to have been shot.  The complainant was transported to a hospital where it was determined he had been severely beaten by an unknown object.  The complainant died from his injuries at the hospital.  The complainant’s truck had been taken and was recovered the same day at a different location.  DNA swabs were taken by crime scene personnel and submitted to Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) database.

A preliminary DNA match was made and in August of 2015. Dallas police Detective Ibarra interviewed the identified suspect JoJo Wilson B/M 35,  who was in the Dallas County Jail on unrelated charges. Detective Ibarra secured a warrant to obtain suspect Wilson’s DNA for confirmatory comparison.  Based on the results of the DNA comparison, an arrest warrant was issued.  Suspect Wilson has been charged with Capital Murder and is currently in the Dallas County Jail.  This offense is documented on case number 666048T.