Robbery Suspects Arrested

Dallas Police are announcing the arrests of several robbery suspects involved in three separate offenses that occurred during this weekend. 

On November 28, 2015, complainant was parking her vehicle in the 2000 block of Greenville Avenue, when the arrested person Jose Montalvo L/M/1-18-98, approached her vehicle along with two other Latin males. Montalvo armed with a handgun demanded the complainant’s purse then fled the location. The next day the complainant tracked her phone and summoned the police to 2100 Greenville Avenue where Dallas police performed a felony stop on a vehicle occupied by Mr. Montalvo who was taken in to custody. Montalvo was taken to DPD Headquarters where Robbery detectives were able to obtain a confession.  There were two other juvenile suspects who were identified. Warrants are being prepared for their arrests.


Jose Montalvo L/M/1-18-98

On November 29, 2015, complainant met up with the suspect Sylvia Mack B/F/11-19-97, at a motel at 12000 East Northwest Highway after conversing with her on a social media dating site. Complainant entered the room with suspect Mack, when Suspect Christopher Scott B/M/1-20-89, who was hiding in the motel room, pointed a gun at the victim and demanded his money and forced him to leave.  The complainant summoned police to the location where they located the suspects and placed them in custody. Police later were able to obtain a search warrant and retrieved the complainant’s property.   


Sylvia Mack B/F/11-19-97                     Christopher Scott B/M/1-20-89

On November 30, 2015, Suspects Charles Tovar L/M/3-18-97 and Luis Mascorro L/M/11-16-95, broke into the complainant’s home in the 7000 block of Benning Avenue. Once inside the residence suspect Tovar retrieved a knife from the kitchen and entered the complainant’s bedroom. A fight ensued and the complainant shot Charles Tovar in the legs. The suspect then fled the location where responding officers were able to locate and take them into custody a short time later.  Tovar is being treated at a local hospital.  No photo is available for arrestee Mascorro.


Charles Tovar L/M/3-18-97