High Water Rescue

Update: December 09, 2015

The blog post has been updated to include the videos from the high water rescue and the press conference held on December 9,2015.

Update: December 08, 2015

The blog post has been revised to include the essential role that the 911 call taker played in the rescue of the stranded woman.

Original Post: December 03, 2015

On November 28, 2015, at approximately 1:13 a.m., officers responded to California Crossing and Wildwood Drive regarding a person in danger because of high water.  A woman called police and stated she was trapped in her vehicle, unable to open her car door, and was about to be submerged. The 911 call taker reassured the woman that officers were on the way and kept her calm. Officers and firefighters set up a perimeter around the call location in an effort to locate the woman and ensure that other citizens would not drive in that area.

The water was extremely deep, covered an enormous area, and even flooded a large park. Officers were unable to immediately locate the stranded woman because of the darkness of the night and size of the area.   The woman was still on the phone with the 911 call taker, explaining that the current was pulling her vehicle away and the water had risen to her stomach. The call taker, explained to the frightened woman that help was on the way, and to stay in the vehicle until help could reach her. The call taker was able to get a the location of the stranded woman based on what the woman was seeing and was able to provide the location to the officers. Firefighters had a raft in route to the location due to the extremely deep water and the strength of the fast moving current.

The water continued to flood the woman’s vehicle and the strong current constantly moved her vehicle farther away.  The officers, without any regard for their own safety, quickly moved into action by taking off their uniformed equipment and entering the high water. The water rose above the officers’ waists and the strong current pulled the officers in various directions, making it very difficult for them to search for the stranded woman. After being on the line with the 911 call taker for sometime,  the officers persevered and successfully located the woman inside her submerging vehicle.  As a result of the 911 call taker and the officers quick actions, exceptional teamwork, outstanding communication, bravery, and courage, these officers successfully executed a high water rescue and saved a woman’s life.  Job well done!