Personal Protection for Women and Girls


The Dallas Police Department’s Northeast Division, in conjunction with the Lakewood Neighborhood Association, Safer Dallas, and the White Rock Lake Partnership, hosted a Personal Protection for Women and Girls Event on Monday, December 7, 2015.  The event was held at the KayCee Club Hall at 10110 Shoreview Avenue, and despite the program’s name, all residents both female and male were welcomed.  

In light of some of the tragic events that occurred in the White Rock Area in October, the slayings of runner David Stevens and 18-year old Zoe Hastings, the Northeast Division and community partners wanted a way to help educate residents and strengthen the safety of the Northeast Division. This event was created after the Lakewood Crime Watch Chair Nancy Wilson approached the Northeast Division regarding a program which was first developed in 2010.  

Following Ms. Wilson’s introductions, Northeast Deputy Chief Andy Acord discussed some department crime statistics.  The main program speaker for the event was Senior Corporal Wes M. Melton and he educated the participants on how to be a hard target versus a soft target.  Senior Corporal’s Katherine Robinson and Krystal Romero-Woods, along with Officer Amber Oliver, also offered safety advice on the topic.  They gave tips on how to avoid being a soft target, one who is easily distracted and complacent, because it could make a person appear to be an easy target.  Instead, they encouraged women and girls to be a hard target with a strong and confident mindset, and to be aware of their surroundings and prepared for different situations.  Senior Corporal Melton also demonstrated and explained some hands on tactics. 

The purpose of this event was to help empower women and girls and reduce the likelihood that they could be caught off guard and made a victim.