Dallas ISD Open After Determining Threat to be Non-Credible

At approximately 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 16, Dallas ISD received a terroristic threat similar to those received by Los Angeles Unified School District and New York Public Schools earlier this week.  The threat was received via email and was sent to several Dallas ISD staff members – namely teachers – at Pinkston High School and Martinez Elementary.  The district also learned that the same or similar email was sent to staff in Houston ISD and Miami Public Schools.

Upon receiving the email correspondence, district officials were immediately notified and Dallas ISD police activated its emergency response protocol.  Dallas ISD began working closely with law enforcement agencies to verify the safety of all schools, particularly Pinkston High School and Martinez Elementary School.

Dallas ISD has remained in contact with Dallas Police as well as the Joint Terrorism Task Force since being made aware of the threat. A sweep of both Pinkston High School and Martinez Elementary was conducted.  Bomb sniffing canines were brought to each location to assist with bomb sweeps.

At 2:20 a.m., Dallas Police found no credible threat and released the buildings back to the district. Our schools have been deemed safe and the district will be open for normal business today. Psychological Services staff, in addition to being on location at both Pinkston High School and Martinez Elementary, will be available should any student or staff member in the district need assistance.

Dallas Police Department assisted Dallas ISD police with the search and will have ongoing additional patrols at the schools until 5 p.m. Friday, once students leave for their winter break. Dallas ISD police and DPD are conducting an ongoing investigation of this threat in coordination with the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The information is also being shared with other jurisdictions throughout the country through DPD’s Fusion Center and Intelligence Network.

Dallas ISD will continue to have an increased presence in and around our campuses today, December 17, by both Dallas ISD Police and DPD. The safety of our students and staff will always remain Dallas ISD’s number one priority.