Press Conference: Dallas Police Arrest Suspect in Homicide at 8400 Skillman

On December 22, 2015 at 5:17 pm Patrol Officers received a call to 8401 Skillman #2066 regarding a female who had been shot in the head.  The victim was identified as Patricia Corbin, Black female 7-4-1959. She was transported to Presbyterian Hospital where she was pronounced deceased. 

A witness who was in the apartment with the victim, at the time of the shooting, stated the arrestee, Lewis Norbert, Black male 11-02-1990, became upset because the victim refused to extend him credit for the purchase of drugs. 

When the arrestee arrived he argued with the victim and then started to leave before turning to the complainant producing a gun and shooting the victim in the head.  The suspect turned to the witness and fired one shot at the same time as the witness tossed the hot water on the suspect.  The suspect fled from the apartment and the witness called 911.

A description of the suspect was broadcast to responding officers.  Responding officers spotted the suspect who was taken into custody.  The witness and arrestee were both taken to Police HQ where they were questioned.  The witness positively identified Mr. Norbert as the person who killed Ms. Corbin.

The suspect is being charged with Murder and is being held a 250,000.00 bond and Aggravated Assault with a $250,000.00 bond.


Lewis Norbert

Lewis Norbert