Press Conference: Dallas PD Makes Felony K2 Arrests

The first week of January, the Dallas Police Narcotics Division became aware of a recent rash of synthetic cannabinoid, also known as K2, overdoses concentrated in the downtown area. Street Squad Narcotics detectives immediately deployed to the area and began an investigation into possible sources of this dangerous drug that are negatively impacting our downtown quality of life.

Working in conjunction with Central Patrol, DART, and El Centro police officers we were able to identify some of the primary dealers who appeared to be targeting the youth and transient populations in the downtown area.

The first positive lab results were returned yesterday for narcotics that were seized during the Dallas Police Narcotics operations. With the assistance of patrol officers and the Grand Prairie Police Department, the Dallas Police Narcotics Division was able to make multiple First Degree Felony arrests from this incident. We believe these may be the first Felony K2-Delivery cases in Dallas County.


Martin Zamora

Martin Zamora, Black male 07/02/1987, and Dominick Harrell, Black male 06/29/1984, were both arrested for the First Degree Felony of Delivery of a Controlled Substance. They both have a $100,000 bond. 

Dominick Harrell

Dominick Harrell

This is obviously only the first part of the criminal justice process. We have been in close contact with our partners at the Dallas County District Attorneys office during this investigation.

Synthetic cannabinoids are routinely known as “K2,” “Spice,” “fake pot,”  “herbal incense,” “potpourri,”  “air freshener,”  “aroma therapy products”, etc.  Our experience has shown us that high dosages and mixtures of synthetic cannabinoids have caused sickness, organ damage, brain damage and even death.

The dangers of synthetic cannabinoids are enhanced because dosages of the actual chemical substance vary greatly in any given package. Unknown ingredients and cocktails of drugs are reportedly often mixed, and there is no regulation or consistency in the manufacturing process.

We will continue to work to identify other suspects and locations distributing this dangerous drug.