Assistant Chief Tammie Hughes Hosts Awards Ceremony

Dallas Police Assistant Chief Tammie Hughes hosted an award ceremony Friday, February 5, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. in the Donald A. Stafford Media Conference Room at the Jack Evans Police Headquarters. The presentation included awards for Medal of Honor, Medal of Valor, Life Saving, Perfect Attendance and Tenure.

Tenure and Perfect Attendance Awards were proudly given to the following employees for their service to the Dallas Police Department and the citizens of Dallas. 20 YEARS OF SERVICE – Office Assistant Linda M. Renio (not pictured)

        Tenure Awards

Perfect Attendance Awards



Medal of Honor and Life Saving Awards


On December 23, 2014, Police Officer Richard Stewart was on his way to work dressed in plain clothes in his personal vehicle. He observed two store clerks fighting a suspect in a parking lot. As he drove into the parking lot, he overheard one the clerks say that the suspect had a gun. The suspect yelled, “I am going to shoot you!” as he pointed the gun at the clerks. Officer Stewart immediately identified himself as a Dallas Police Officer, grabbed the suspects hand, and pointed the gun away from the store clerks. Officer Stewart and the suspect then wrestled over the gun. The suspect pointed the gun at Officer Stewart and attempted to shoot him. Officer Stewart was able to get his finger behind the trigger and prevent the gun from firing. At that time, the clerks began to hit the suspect and aid the officer. Officer Stewart gained control of the suspect. Uniformed officers arrived and handcuffed the suspect. Officer Stewart demonstrated courage in an extraordinary heroism in this extremely dangerous situation to prevent injury or possibly even death.


Medal of Valor


On October 8, 2015, Police Officer Christopher Berry, #10668 was in uniform, in his personal vehicle, on his way to an extra duty job. As he drove into a parking lot to get coffee, he observed two individuals wearing masks walk into a business and grab cash out of the registers. Officer Berry alerted 911 to send cover and waited for the suspects to exit the store. A struggle ensued between the suspects and the store owner. Officer Berry acted quickly. He gave loud verbal commands and pointed his gun at the suspects. As the suspects attempted to flee, Officer Berry grabbed and handcuffed one of the suspects. The other suspect fled but was later arrested. Officer Berry’s actions were selfless and courageous.

For more information regarding the above mentioned awards ceremony, please contact the Police Media Relations Unit at (214) 671-4065.