Planet Fitness Peeping Tom Identified and Charged

On February 1, 2016, at approximately midnight, the victim reported that a man entered the female locker room at the Planet Fitness, located at 3200 Camp Wisdom Road. The victim said that while she was in the shower stall, the suspect, later identified as Michael Davis, a black male 9/13/1986, attempted to look at her by peeking through the side of the shower curtain. The victim confronted the suspect, who then fled the location in his vehicle.

Detectives conducted an investigation and reviewed surveillance footage however the images were not clear enough to positively identify the suspect.  After initial media reports on February 2, 2016, Michael Davis went to the South Central Patrol station and told officers he was the person who had committed the offense at the Planet Fitness.  Detectives interviewed Davis and he admitted to going into the restroom and peeking at the victim in the shower. Detectives consulted with the Dallas County District Attorney’s office and have filed the charge of Voyeurism against Mr. Davis. Voyeurism is a Class C Misdemeanor.