Courageous Acts Take Armed Robber Off the Street

Update: February 11, 2016 Press Conference with Senior Corporal Cassie Dotsy of the Traffic Unit


On February 9, 2016, at about 9:46 p.m., the suspect, Marcus Bartholomew Booker, B/M DOB 4-24-1979, entered the Walmart Store located at 7401 Samuell Boulevard and pointed a handgun at a cashier demanding money.  Before the cashier could respond, Booker fired several shots into the floor and into the cash register, sending employees and customers scrambling for cover.  Booker then walked toward the exit door and fired at least one more shot before passing through the exit door.

Officer Cassie Dotsy, #8792, was nearby and heard the gunfire. Officer Dotsy responded to the location and observed Booker fire two more shots in the parking lot, when she confronted him at gunpoint ordering him to drop his weapon. Booker ignored her directions and attempted to evade her by walking away and ducking behind vehicles. Officer Dotsy disregarded her personal safety and pursued him through the parking lot while maintaining cover behind vehicles. Booker eventually obeyed her commands and dropped his weapon. 

After he dropped his weapon one citizen tackled him and others assisted in restraining him. Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputy M. Bailey, #707, who was working off-duty at the store, placed him in handcuffs.

Marcus Booker is in the Dallas County Jail charged with Aggravated Robbery.