Southeast Officers on Foot Patrol Brighten the Day

Dallas Police Officer Hall and Officer Ransom decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather today by stepping out of their squad car and walking their beat in Southeast Dallas. During their patrol, the officers were approached by a community member. The citizen sent the following email to Southeast Patrol Deputy Chief Stokes about the encounter:

“I was sitting at my desk and I looked out the window because I saw two police officers walking down our driveway through the property…I thought to myself, they must be looking for someone…As they got closer, I could see them smiling…I had to go outside to see why…

The response I got from your two police officers, Officer Hall and Officer Ransom, was, “It is such a nice day outside today, that we thought we would just walk around everywhere today”…WOW.. Needless to say, it made me smile even brighter than what I was…How awesome is that…”

Thank you Officer Hall and Officer Ransom for working hard and making our citizens smile!