From Parks & Rec to City Hall

On February 17, 2016, City Council Member Adam Medrano recognized the Dallas PAL Boxing Program for their outstanding commitment and dedication to youth and the City of Dallas.

Council Member Medrano stated that it all began in early 2013 when Senior Corporal Daniel Espinosa stepped foot inside the Janie C. Turner Recreation center in Pleasant Grove, asking for permission to use their facilities in an attempt to teach kids how to box.  With the assistance of Recreation Manager Yolanda Carter and Coach George, a volunteer, the Boxing program kicked off.

It takes a lot of equipment to get a successful program started, but all Coach Danny had was high hopes and a bag full of hand wraps and boxing gloves.  There was no boxing ring or punching bags, but little by little the pieces came together and the boxing gym officially opened its door in May 2013.

Fast forward three years to today, the Dallas PAL boxing program accepted their Special Recognition Award for the reputation is had developed in creating champions. Great Job Dallas PAL. Keep up the outstanding work.