The Truth about Teen Dating Violence

February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. This year, the Dallas Police Athletic/Activities League presented The Truth about Teen Dating Violence, an informative workshop discussing the issues and concerns of teen dating violence and abuse.

The free workshop was held at Conrad High School on February 20, 2016.  It consisted of several classroom sessions concerning topics related to teen dating violence such as: respecting your relationship, understanding and coping with rejection, crisis management and resources, anger management and recognizing signs and behavior of abusive relationships.

 The sessions were for middle school and high school students (boys and girls) from across the city. The workshop also provided an informative classroom session for the parents that highlighted positive communication, teen dating violence resources, and recognizing signs and behavior of abusive relationships.

There were several guest speakers such as Judge Cheryl Williams, Motivational Speaker Angela Clay, Lady Jade from 104.5 FM, and Anger Management Dr. Carl Robinson amongst others.

The Dallas Police Department is very grateful to the Conrad High School for allowing the Police Athletic League to use their facility.