A Run in with a Rookie

On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, a field-training officer and his rookie responded to the Robbery in Progress call at the Metro PCS store at Bruton Road and South Buckner Boulevard.  The officers got word that the suspect was on the run, headed toward a neighboring restaurant.  The officer and his rookie were on the lookout when patrons pointed out the suspect at a nearby gas station, where the suspect was seen running wild and attempting to carjack a citizen.  During the attempted carjacking, the suspect dropped several stolen cell phones in the parking lot. The suspect then took off running, and after giving the officers a run for the money, he ran out of steam and was caught by the rookie after a short run.  In addition to the cell phones being recovered, the suspect’s pistol was found and the suspect was in possession of the money he ran away with. The suspect is a juvenile and was taken to the Youth Division.  At this time, there is no reason to believe that he is connected to any other robberies in the city.

In the long run, if you commit a crime, you run the risk of getting caught, much like the runner in this offense. Kudos to the officers who ran this crook down.